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Play Chaos Gun Stickman Online Games

Chaos Gun Stick Man is the opposite shooting game! In the game, the player utilizes the shooting response power to control the development of the stickman and annihilate the foe! In in-game card mode and match mode, the level mode is 1v1, 1v2, and so on, and match mode is 2v2. The game likewise has a position redesign, which is the most elevated positioned ruler shooter. The higher the position, the more impressive weapons and legend skins you can open, so pick up the pace and give it a shot!

In the new Chaos Gun Stickman game, go to the universe of Stickman and assist legends with finishing missions to obliterate different crooks.

A particular area on the screen is displayed before you and the person are grasping a weapon. At a specific distance, the opposite side of him turns into his rival. The two legends shudder ungracefully. Your responsibility is to make Stickman take a particular position utilizing shots from the weapon. Then, you really want to get the adversary rapidly, shoot and kill him. By shooting precisely, you can overcome foes and procure focus. Whenever you have gathered a specific number of focuses to overcome your foes, you can purchase new, more remarkable, and dangerous weapons yourself.

How to play?
Tab to shoot with the mouse.
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