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Play Angry Shark Online Games

The sharks have been presented to radiation and are right now changed. It floats in the ocean and eats fish. The more he eats, the more he develops. Individuals fear him and are attempting to annihilate him. Attempt to endure his assault.

Sharks live somewhere down in the water and need to be enormous and solid. To do this, she wants to eat well. Today, sharks will chase ocean occupants, and you will assist her in this game with angry sharks. Your shark will look on the screen before you and will be somewhere down in the water. A few schools of fish swim around him. Utilize the control keys to make the shark swim in the ideal heading.

Along these lines, the fish are pursued and eaten. You will get focused each time you eat fish. Know that there might be barrels of harmful material on the sea depths. At the point when your shark contacts them, it dies. So, ensure all barrels float on one side.

How to play?
Utilize the mouse cursor or get your finger across the screen to control the shark. The fish swim against you and eat them to develop. Stay away from enormous, pointed fish. Keep an eye out for hazardous barrels, mines, lances, and different impediments.
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