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5 State of the Art Kitchen Remodel Ideas You Will Love

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Are you thinking about giving a new vibe to your kitchen? Well, these kitchen remodel ideas will help you to bring the best to the heart of your home. Just be sure to always put the functions before anything else.

1. Go with the Flow

One of the most popular kitchen ideas is creating an open floor plan for the kitchen and dining area. Yet, it’s not as simple as it sounds – would you want a kitchen island? Dining space or kitchen eatery?

For starters, you have to settle with what functions your kitchen will serve. Also, adding a kitchen island would be great. However, if you have a family who utilizes a dining space regularly then you better skip the kitchen island.

And, of course, make sure that the flow allows you to go everywhere between the kitchen and dining area.

2. Storage is the staple

Whether you want the big or small kitchen to remodel ideas, updating your storage is always a good move. Besides, there is no such thing as too many storage units in the kitchen.

Painting the cabinet’s doors would be a value for money decision, especially if you prefer a minor update. Today, you can experiment with various new yet clever storage ideas. Pull-outs, for instance, support accessibility while hiding everything neatly behind the door.

3. Style with the Lighting

If you prefer to go with budget kitchen remodel ideas, updating the lighting fixtures is a great idea. Other than illuminating your kitchen with gorgeous fixtures, lighting also serves as an object of attention.

For instance, pendant lights look gorgeous over the kitchen island or the dining area while providing a good amount of lighting beneath. If you plan to use pendants, be sure to pick the right size – it’s easy to overwhelm your kitchen with a too-big pendant light.

4. Add a Splash

One of the best kitchen remodeling ideas is adding a backsplash. The initial cost is relatively low while the visual impact is way better than you could imagine. Other than that, you can perform a DIY project to make it.

Installing an eye-catching backsplash is a good idea for remodeling. From vinyl and metal tiles to shimmering glass, you can update your kitchen’s look with a new backsplash.

5. Don’t Be Shy with the Countertop

On the other hand, if you have a wider budget then you can consider installing countertops. Concrete, solid surface, laminate, and stainless steel might look great but quartz countertops will bring your kitchen to the next level.

Quartz won’t scratch and comes in stunning patterns, like natural stones. But keep in mind that this upgrade is not for everyone so you better prepare the budget.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading the kitchen’s look is a good idea, especially if you spend a lot of your time in that space. However, you have to be careful with every element you remove or add to the kitchen remodel ideas. Making the room overwhelming is the last thing you want to do, for sure.